Social Media Services for SME

How it works

Not all small businesses can afford a full-scale social media management programme, but with all the challenges of being a one-person-show you don’t have the time to plan a proper advertising or marketing strategy for social media.  You know its important. You know you are missing out on this marketing opportunity.  Or perhaps you are not savvy or confident in the ways of social media marketing.  All these scenarios leave you out of the running for using the power of social media to let your community know about your business.

I have a solutions to support you…..


R350 per month for 1 advert blast per week to 5 social networks. Same ad 4x during the month.

R650 for 2 designed ads per month to 10 groups of your choice. You can designate which ad to use for that week.

R1050 for 3 designed ads per month to be shared weekly to 15 groups of your choice.

R1300 per month for 4 designed ads and 20 groups of your choice.

All ads are designed for facebook and instagram (ie 2 sizes each time so you can share it to your instagram page as well).

  • 1 x initial meeting to establish a connection and discuss your needs.
  • 1 x monthly consultation regarding your advertising content and images for that month via whatsapp call and email. A proof will be whatsapped or emailed to you for approval prior to posting.
  • Sharing to all local communities within a 25-50km radius of your business with each advert, or  if your audience is national or international, we will identify the audience you need to reach and connect your ads to them.
  • We will be posting on your behalf to your facebook business page (if you have one) and we will need to be made an Admin of your page in order to monitor the reach and insights for your posts.  If you do not have your own facebook business page, we can either make you one (for a small once off fee of R500) or we can place your ad’s on our own Facebook page and push these out to your audiences (this is not ideal as it is preferable to you building your own audience that you can talk to on your own page).

You are welcome to whatsapp me and tell me about your business and what your challenges are on 084 663 2972 and we can open a dialogue and set up an appointment if you would like to use any of these services.