I offer coaching to enable you to manage your social media profiles efficiently and skillfully.  I am a firm believer in personal training, because you get to ask your questions that YOU need answered and not be part of a huge group of people and your questions may never get to the top of the list to be handled during the session.

Training you to do things yourself will give you an appreciation for the time social media takes and what is necessary for it to work.  When you find that you are so busy and can no longer keep it up, you can chat to me about managing it for you as we will already have a working relationship.

I offer Coaching Lessons on:
LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,  Canva Design, WordPress websites /Weebly websites, Movie Maker  (for Video) and Mailchimp.

Length of Sessions:
1 hour each – you need to acquire the skill then go and practice it for maximum retention.
Time slots:
Monday to Friday: 09h30 in 1 hourly increments, last appointment being from 15h30-16h30.



How do we do the consultation: 
We use Skype to meet. You will have your profiles open and ready so we don’t waste time with you needing to login.  I do not travel to clients, that is how I keep the cost down.  I have clients in Joburg, Cape Town, Durban and other parts of SA that I work using this method, which works really well.  If you don’t have Skype, you will need to get Skype installed on your PC/laptop.  I do not do Skype consultations with anyone who is using their mobile phone as I need you to share your PC screen with me so I can guide you in realtime.




Preparation: You will need to email me your questions/what you want to cover in your appointment/s by the Friday of the preceding week so I have the information for you to hand and we don’t waste time.






Cost: R350 per hour (in advance).



Missing/Changing of Appointments:
If you miss an appointment (because you forgot or had an emergency), I will find another time for you in the diary that is mutually convenient.  If you miss the appointment a 2nd time, you forfeit your appointment in good faith as I cannot replace your appointment at short-notice.  If you need to change your appointment, you will need to take the appointment time offered as I have daily coaching clients who have booked and paid in advance and need to retain their weekly appointment for set times on certain days as they are working and cannot be expected to shift their times to suite you.

Send me an email and tell me what you need support with.

Book an appointment on my Facebook Calendar

You are welcome to book an appointment directly on my facebook calendar which is on my Facebook Business Page.  Click here to go to the page.  Scroll down and you will see Appointments.  Use the dropdown menu at the top to choose the topic you would like coaching in and fill in your details and times. I will receive a notification from facebook that you have requested an appointment and I will respond to accept the appointment.  Please take note of what you will need to email me on prior to our appointment.  If I do not receive the information, we will have to postpone the appointment until you have managed to send it to me.